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Oklahoma’s Painted Desert

This world is home to amazing, inspiring, remarkable sights and one of these is the Gloss Mountains in Major County, Oklahoma.  Having grown up in Major County one might think the Gloss Mountains would have been my playground-of-sorts but that just wasn’t the case.  Although I knew their where-a-bouts my travels took me elsewhere and only a few years ago did I become more familiar with the raised-red-dirt, rock-edged, flat-topped, glistening mountains.  Once noticed there is something about them that intrigues, lures, and invites; the more I avail myself to their uniqueness the more fascinating the land structures become.  Earth formations, gypsum, ridges, rock caps, selenite crystals all make up the Gloss Mountains, home of Cathedral Mountain, Lone Peak, Cheyenne Spirit, Abe Lincoln, The Indian Princess, and more.  Sunsets and sunrises, viewed from the Gloss Mountains, may well be some of the most beautiful in all of creation.

I recall, with fond, memories when Oklahoma Today featured the Gloss Mountains, naming some of the peaks and mounds and telling of Oklahoma’s Painted Desert.  I wish I could express in words the pleasure my father-in-law experienced when reading that publication; he’d been observing the beauty and grandeur of these mountains for many years – finally others were noticing, too.  I must add the article was missing one detail; there was no mention on the Billy-goats that lived on the rugged, flat-topped mountains and were often blamed for missing jackets, absent tools, and lost teeth of which Grandpa often spoke.  For you see, even humor abounds in those sparkling hills.

The pioneers of this land wrote ‘glass’ or ‘gloss’ when recording the location of these mountains on early-day maps; does it really matter whether an ‘a’ or an ‘o’?  Either way they are exceptional, distinctive, matchless, distinguished, extraordinary, astonishing – our own Gloss Mountains at home in Oklahoma’s Painted Desert.

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Park Hours & Directions

Vehicular traffic allowed 7:30am-5pm. Open daily for hiking and picnicking from sunrise to sunset.

From I-35, go W on Hwy 412 about 50+ miles to Orienta, then begin a scenic 24 mile drive. Gloss Mountain State Park is 5 miles W of Orienta on Hwy 412.

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